Hello all,

Inspired by my grandfather, I have been interested in photography for many years.

Early in 2005 I changed from analog to digital photography. Initially that wasn't easy and my portfolio gives a good impression of all the challenges caused by this switch. Fortunately digital photography also helped enormously to improve my technical and creative skills. Particularly the enhancements in the "digital darkroom" add an extra dimension to my photography. Hopefully you will recognise the progress I have made as an amateur photographer.

Enjoy the site! To make it easy to navigate and to avoid it getting boring, I've limited the number of pictures to 20 per folder. Please feel free to give me feed-back by using rontwisk(at)me.com or follow me through my social feeds which are updated periodically.

Ron Twisk.

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Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second (Marc Riboud)